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Karl Swedberg

jQuery Expert

Karl Swedberg, author of Learning jQuery and jQuery API Docs, shares insider info on mastering jQuery.

Karl is a web developer at Fusionary Media in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the co-author of two books,Learning jQuery and jQuery Reference Guide, and a technical editor of The jQuery Cookbook.

As a member of the jQuery team, Karl is responsible for the jQuery API site, which is based on his Reference Guide. He also publishes tutorials on his blog,, and leads classes through Idea Foundry in Holland, Michigan. When he isn't coding, Karl likes to hang out with his family, roast coffee in his garage, and get any exercise he can manage in whatever form it presents itself.

For more information on Karl Swedberg, visit:

jQuery Logo Fusionary Logo

A Few Reasons Karl Rocks:

Scott Gonzalez

jQuery UI Lead Developer

Scott González, lead developer of jQuery UI, deep-dives into jQuery UI and building stateful plugins with UI widget factory.

Scott González is a web application developer living in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has been contributing to jQuery since 2007 and is currently the development lead for jQuery UI, jQuery’s official user interface library. Scott also writes tutorials about jQuery and jQuery UI on and is a co-author of the jQuery Cookbook from O'Reilly.

For more information on Scott Gonzalez, visit:

jQuery UI appendTo

A Few Reasons Scott Rocks:

Christopher Schmitt

CSS3 and HTML5 Expert

Christopher Schmitt, author of HTML5 Cookbook, explains semantics, dives into CSS3 and dazzles us with his CSS flag.

The founder of Heat Vision, a small new media publishing and design firm, Christopher Schmitt is an award-winning Web designer who has been working with the Web since 1993.

As a sought-after speaker and trainer, Christopher regularly demonstrates the use and benefits of practical standards-based designs. He is Co-Lead of the Adobe Task Force for the Web Standards Project (WaSP) in addition to being a contributing member of its Education Task Force.

Author of numerous Web design and digital imaging books, including Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites and CSS Cookbook, Christopher has also written for MSDN, .net Magazine, New Architect Magazine, A List Apart, Digital Web, and Web Reference.

For more information on Christopher Schmitt, visit:

HTML5 Logo Heatvision Logo

A Few Reasons Christopher Rocks:

Miško Hevery

JavaScript Application Dev Expert

Misko Hevery, creator of Angular JS (used at Google), gives us tactics to tackle building large JavaScript applications.

Miško Hevery is an Agile Coach at Google where he is responsible for coaching Googlers to maintain the high level of automated testing culture. This allows Google to do frequent releases of its web applications with consistent high quality. He is an expert in building web applications in web related technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Flex and ActionScript. Miško is active in the Open Source community and an author of several open source projects such as Angular JS and JsTestDriver.

For more information on Miško Hevery, visit:

Google Logo Ajax Logo

A Few Reasons Miško Rocks:

  • Angular JS
    Author of:
    AngularJS (open source)
    View Site
  • JS Test Driver
    Author of:
    jsTestDriver (open source)
    View Site
  • Testability Explorer
    Author of:
    The Testability Explorer Blog
    View Site

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