Client Feedback

“It was great to get validation of our choices from a high class of developer plugged in with a high class of developer network and projects. For example, MJG’s ability to talk with the lead guys at MongoDB was helpful, along with directly referencing a similar large implementation of Mongo at a top tier media site.”

- Red Stamp, CTO

“Marc has the ability to breathe life into my UX visions with remarkable precision from my scribbled up concepts and wildly divergent ideas. Why? Because he understands my design intent, asks the right questions, and is principled in user-centered design. Couple that with his deep understanding of technology; past, present and future—and he's a powerhouse.

What a joy it is to work with someone who believes as deeply as I do, that we can—and are changing the World one pixel at a time.”

- Ning, Senior User Experience Manager Product + Design

MJG Recent Projects

A few examples from a few of our recent projects:

Vector-based interface using Raphael JS for high-end furniture company Room & Board.

Customizable jQuery Components and third-party integrations (Groupon and Café Press) for the White Label Social Network Ning, delivered by the two individuals responsible for multiple of the de facto standards for jQuery components (e.g, jQuery UI Datepicker and Accordion).

Rapid Prototyping with CouchDB and Node.JS for cloud sharing app used to prove out a central hypothesis posed by the lean startup methodology.

Ruby on Rails and MongoDB Optimization of custom card creator application, Red Stamp

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