Frontend Masters Workshop Series

November 2011 - January 2012 MJG Headquarters Minneapolis, MN


  • Karl Swedberg

    Karl Swedberg


  • Scott Gonzalez

    Scott Gonzalez

    jQuery UI

  • Christopher Schmitt

    Christopher Schmitt

    CSS3 Expert

  • Kevin Whinneryg

    Kevin Whinnery

    Titanium Engineer

  • Misko Hevery

    Misko Hevery

    Angular JS


Frontend Masters Workshop Series was six intense days of frontend development training in-person at the MJG Workshop Center in Minnesota. The training was spread across six Fridays. High quality food and massages were provided for the ~30 attendees. Companies local to Minnesotan sent their frontend teams to strengthened coworker relationships and sharpen minds through this educational series.

Each morning training session Marc Grabanski led building a web application UI built on top of HTML5, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. Then each afternoon a top-expert was flown in to teach workshops on different topics each day including: jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML5/CSS3, Titanium Mobile, building large JS applications and testability.

The videos from the event have been post recorded in full HD, edited and are now going up for sale.

“Great series of sessions offering tremendous value. I've taken a number of 'technical bootcamp' style classes and this one offered the best value of content/cost of all of them. Can't wait for the videos to review the content again.”
- Eliot Briggs

“Absolutely loved it! Lots of lessons that I can take back to work and try to teach other team members!”
- Mark Norgren


Event Video Training Available: Learn More

Day of JavaScript on Mobile

January 27th, 2011 Google Headquarters Mountain View, CA


  • Ben Galbraith

    Ben Galbraith

    Mobile Web

  • David Kaneda

    David Kaneda

    Sencha Touch

  • Dion Almaer

    Dion Almaer

    Mobile Web

  • Kevin Whinnery

    Kevin Whinnery

    Titanium Engineer

  • Yehuda Katz

    Yehuda Katz

    Sprout Core

  • Scott Jehl

    Scott Jehl

    jQuery Mobile

  • Alex Russell

    Alex Russell

    Web Browsers


Day of JavaScript on Mobile was a full day of educational talks by JS framework authors and industry leaders. The event was held at Google HQ's main conference area. Over 200 developers showed up for the event, with all seats registered in just under 23 minutes.

Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith gave an overview of the state of the mobile web while framework authors from Sencha, SproutCore (now EmberJS) and jQuery Mobile showed off their work. Alex Russell explained how the web browser works under the hood.

The videos are now up for free on the website.

“A grassroots style event took place at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. A “Free Day of Javascipt on Mobile” attracted some of the best mobile web minds in the Bay Area to discuss the current state and future of javascript on mobile and the mobile web in general.”
- Mike Brevoort Event Coverage (The Next Web)


Free Event Video Training Available: View Website