Network Global


Why not leverage globalization to access the right experts regardless of location? Talented people love it when they aren't limited on where the best projects can come from.

Network Expert


Experts are inundated with emails and phone calls from recruiters for opportunities not aligned with their interests. MJG knows it’s experts well. Each expert has personal recommendations from other experts in the network.

We then match experts to highly targeted projects to create a perfect storm of talent, knowledge and genuine passion to create incredible products and solutions.



"We know the breed well, we built the network for ourselves and people like us."

- Marc Grabanski, President (MJG)

The MJG network is full of experts that turn down jobs at the best companies for the highest pay to ensure they are always working on the world's most interesting software and design challenges. They are at home at MJG because its based on principles that honor their choice and freedom, and commitment to Play, Teach and Deliver.